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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Creative outlets

We all need a little stress release during the holidays, and nothing works better at our house (or in this case Kiddywampus) than a little creative project. How do you relieve stress during the holidays?


Peace & Prayers

Today was a difficult day, I don’t really even know how to help my children to process this terrible tragedy in CT, but my older daughter wanted to make this sign and share it to let all the families affected by this horrible event.  She wanted them to know that she and kids like her around the nation are paying attention. She told me she knows it could happen anywhere and I watched her try to comprehend that someone younger than she, as young as Kindergarten, was killed.

Blessings and Prayers to the families of the children, teachers and friends who’s lives have been permanently altered today.


It snowed a wee bit last week and then a LOT more on Sunday.  Aside from the terrible roads (due to some extenuating circumstances in Minnesota, which is usually pretty incredible with road clean up) it’s been a lovely reminder that it is almost the middle of December.


Both my girls love the snow, so we went out on Sunday night to take advantage of the fresh covering. Continue reading

Work has been crazy the last few weeks, which means I’ve felt a little disjointed about school. Thankfully, my daughter has been pretty good about staying on track, aside from one very painful day of negotiations. Aside from that we’ve had a few days that were a bit chaotic, but overall we’ve gotten our work done and usually in a fairly timely fashion. I seriously admire all home school parents who get anything done between about November 15th- January 1. 21691_10152307034770599_1508096246_n

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