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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Today is a balmy 15 degrees ABOVE zero. Predictions for above freezing possible next week, and I have to admit I’m excited about Daylight Savings time. Not the transition, but I do enjoy having more light in the evening.

I recently found a book Heaven on Earth, that I’ve begun to read and so far I am really enjoying. It is more of a reference guide and tools and ideas kind of book, not the kind you sit down and read start to finish. It’s useful to help me incorporate more of the Waldorf philosophies at home. It’s also full of fun ideas for how to encourage my children’s nature based play, even when being outdoors can be challenging. My younger child will be turning 4 soon and there are some really fun ideas about birthday celebrations that I’m excited to incorporate in to our birthday routine. Above all, simplicity is key.

What are you reading? 



Everyone I’ve talked to has just about given up. I always used to joke that Minnesotans love to talk about the weather, but given that we’ve had over 50 nights below zero and almost as many days not reaching past 0 that weather has become a taboo topic, unless you’re looking to annoy people further.

Yesterday was reported to be the “last day under zero” for a bit, so fingers crossed that will actually be accurate.

Meanwhile, we haven’t come close to getting our fill of winter exercise and experiences, as it’s been too frigidly cold. Hopefully, if it actually “warms up” to around 20 or so we’ll be able to get back outside and explore.

Maybe it’s just me, but there is something demoralizing about taking a half an hour to bundle enough to be able to go outside. Especially if you can only be outside for 10 minutes before extremities go numb.

Here’s hoping for warmer weather!