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Everyone I’ve talked to has just about given up. I always used to joke that Minnesotans love to talk about the weather, but given that we’ve had over 50 nights below zero and almost as many days not reaching past 0 that weather has become a taboo topic, unless you’re looking to annoy people further.

Yesterday was reported to be the “last day under zero” for a bit, so fingers crossed that will actually be accurate.

Meanwhile, we haven’t come close to getting our fill of winter exercise and experiences, as it’s been too frigidly cold. Hopefully, if it actually “warms up” to around 20 or so we’ll be able to get back outside and explore.

Maybe it’s just me, but there is something demoralizing about taking a half an hour to bundle enough to be able to go outside. Especially if you can only be outside for 10 minutes before extremities go numb.

Here’s hoping for warmer weather!


Today we found out we got a sizable scholarship to a school we really want to go to, but money might have been an obstacle, which is a huge relief! I also got an unexpected contract at work, which means I feel a bit more solid about where the rest of the tuition money comes from, so in this moment, I am feeling very relaxed, happy and thankful! 

Tomorrow is day two of MCA testing for GM. Today went well and she felt really confident about her performance on the tests. It’s always such a great feeling to know you’re acing a test. I still remember that from elementary school. 

Also, the sun was out for most of today which melted most of the snow finally. While there are predictions from snow later this week, today was truly the first day that I could really fell spring coming in Minnesota.

All in all a wonderful day.


It snowed a wee bit last week and then a LOT more on Sunday.  Aside from the terrible roads (due to some extenuating circumstances in Minnesota, which is usually pretty incredible with road clean up) it’s been a lovely reminder that it is almost the middle of December.


Both my girls love the snow, so we went out on Sunday night to take advantage of the fresh covering. Continue reading