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Creative outlets

We all need a little stress release during the holidays, and nothing works better at our house (or in this case Kiddywampus) than a little creative project. How do you relieve stress during the holidays?


One thing I’ve discovered since beginning the online curriculum is that I’ve been a bit neglectful about planning breaks during the day. We have a few natural breaks, of course over lunch, and Physical Education and snack time, but beyond that, I haven’t been very planful. Now, this hasn’t really become an issue for my daughter until recently.

We cruised through the first quarter of school without too much trouble, partly I think that was because she was just so thrilled to be finally enjoying school and feeling as though she was being successful and challenged.  The other part was, because she was so motivated, she never wanted to take breaks, I practically had to beg her to stop working for a bit so I could catch up. Continue reading