Life with Kids at a Waldorf School

Monthly Archives: November 2013

Goodness, it’s been entirely too long since I updated. As referenced in the previous post before the hiatus we had a bit of a traumatic start to summer. With some time and distance things are  getting better. We’ve had a series of “doggy play dates” to help us all acclimate to having dogs around again and feeling more comfortable being around dogs generally.

The school year is flying by, Big has really enjoyed meeting new friends and getting in to the rhythm of the Waldorf day.  She’s reported that woodworking is a definite highlight and she seems to have picked up the cello with impressive skill.

Little has begun dance at her Montessori school once a week, which is one of her favorite activities.   She is really enjoying her school, however, she keeps asking when she can start kindergarten. (She’s 3 1/2 so she still has plenty of time in pre-school.)

More soon