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Last week we heard back from almost all the schools we’ve applied to. With the exception of one she was accepted to all, which was exciting. Now it comes down to financial aid. I really hoped it wouldn’t come down to that, however, I have realistic expectations about how much I can afford, and while we didn’t specifically start doing online school for the price tag (free) it certainly doesn’t hurt!

On that note, we haven’t completely given up on the idea of online school, in fact quite the opposite. GM actually completed her 3rd grade math for the year, so this week we’ve begun 4th grade math, and having that flexibility has been awesome.  Continue reading



  1. Flexibility – My days are never predictable, as much as I strive for a routine, it’s not usually completely consistent, and it’s great to be able to take spelling lessons on the go, or double up on a science lesson if needed. Or when it’s too busy for school, being able to skip something in that moment, or even that day, and loop back at a more convenient time.
  2. Quality Time– I’m very lucky that I have a kid that loves learning and is very self motivated, which means most of the time we spend together in school is positive time learning, and bonding. Every once in a while we’ll hit a snag, but so far we’ve been really able to problem solve through them, or decide to put the lesson down and come back to it when we aren’t feeling so frustrated. Continue reading

All the applications were due between January 31 and February 15th, and most of the financial aid deadlines are due then as well, so for the most part now we are in a waiting game. We expect to start hearing from schools in mid-March to early April.

Meanwhile back on the home front, GM has worked her tail off in online school. She keeps telling me that she loves online school and still has no desire to move, however, if we did move, she has a ranked order of schools, based on a 1-10 scaled rating and a more in-depth analysis. That in itself has been a useful skill for her to learn.

Not much else to report at this moment. It’s actually been a lovely, calm week. More as it develops.


The School hunt continues, while we are also completely immersed in 2nd semester work for online school.  GM* is starting her first official report, in which she chooses a topic, in this case an animal, to write about. She’s chosen Dolphins as her topic, so we’ll need to slot in some library time this week to research them.

Sure, I could use Wikipedia, but I want her to learn the skill of actually having to go look something up and using reference texts. Granted, the bar for this research paper is age appropriate so she’s really only writing 3-5 paragraphs on her topic, yet I remember that I loved these papers as a child and often wrote much more than that. Continue reading

Excuse us for the long absence. We’ve had a lot going on, and a lot more to think about. I’m beginning to feel that maybe homeschooling isn’t for us. I love the idea of homeschooling, I love her curriculum, I love seeing her passion and knowing that she’s truly understanding and grasping concepts.

However, as a realistic parent, I can tell that working full-time from home and trying to do school with her full-time is not a sustainable model, for either of us. Continue reading

Work has been crazy the last few weeks, which means I’ve felt a little disjointed about school. Thankfully, my daughter has been pretty good about staying on track, aside from one very painful day of negotiations. Aside from that we’ve had a few days that were a bit chaotic, but overall we’ve gotten our work done and usually in a fairly timely fashion. I seriously admire all home school parents who get anything done between about November 15th- January 1. 21691_10152307034770599_1508096246_n

Continue reading

Hi fellow home school moms (or maybe I should say parents!) I need your help. I’ve got a great curriculum that is working for my 8 year old through, but I’m looking for something for my 2.5 year old. Any suggestions?