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This has absolutely nothing to do with online school, but laugh every time I  look at these pictures of my youngest. She’s quite the entertainer. I hope you enjoy.




Have you ever thought about starting a Charter School? I’ve been giving it some serious thought.

Yes. some very serious thought.

I do after all live in Minnesota, the birth place of Charter Schools in the country.

I love the online curriculum, but I just keep thinking to myself, I CANNOT be the only mother who is disappointed in the current local schooling options for my child. Yes, Minnesota has many, many private school options, but frankly, with a child in full-time daycare, I’m not able to afford private school tuition as well. Minnesota also has many charter schools in existence, but very few with a focus on gifted children, truly gifted, not just accelerated.  Continue reading

One thing I’ve discovered since beginning the online curriculum is that I’ve been a bit neglectful about planning breaks during the day. We have a few natural breaks, of course over lunch, and Physical Education and snack time, but beyond that, I haven’t been very planful. Now, this hasn’t really become an issue for my daughter until recently.

We cruised through the first quarter of school without too much trouble, partly I think that was because she was just so thrilled to be finally enjoying school and feeling as though she was being successful and challenged.  The other part was, because she was so motivated, she never wanted to take breaks, I practically had to beg her to stop working for a bit so I could catch up. Continue reading

This year has flown by. It is also the first year since my daughter started kindergarten that the upcoming thanksgiving break hasn’t been a stressful, tearful experience. In previous years, this would mark the time of first conferences, historically that hasn’t gone really well for us, then followed by strange short weeks, lots of excitement, and lots of extra sugar, which would only cause my child to bounce off the walls, and then get yelled at. (That’s a whole post in itself.) Continue reading

Hi fellow home school moms (or maybe I should say parents!) I need your help. I’ve got a great curriculum that is working for my 8 year old through, but I’m looking for something for my 2.5 year old. Any suggestions?

Let me start by saying, I can only answer for my family specifically, but I can give some general information beyond our experience. It is different for many families depending upon the program that works best for your child, and what if any programs are available in your state.

In Minnesota, where we live (home of the first charter school btw) the MNVA (Minnesota Virtual Academy) is considered a public school. That means that all my daughters classes and materials are free to us as long as we live in MN. The K12 curriculum is available nationwide and even internationally, but in some states that do not have this program implemented as a public school option, you must pay for the courses. Continue reading

When I started in the online school program it took me about a week to realize that I was home schooling. Granted I have all the curriculum laid out for me, and a teacher to keep us on track and provide oversight. In effect, however, my daughter was home with me every day = Home school.

At first I sort of rejected the title of “home schooling” mostly based on my own stigma’s about labeling myself a “home schooling mom.” Those stigma’s has largely proved false, and I’m excited to learn about all the parents who are choosing to home school their children. I’m also totally blown away by the amazing curriculum that is available for home schooling parents.

Now I embrace being a part of group of parents that are taking charge of their child’s education. I respect that, and for me I NEEDED to know my daughter was being challenged, and she was just begging to learn.

I would love to hear your favorite curriculum programs for home schooling.