Changes Afoot

Big graduated. I’m still processing. Time, especially in the last few years has been a halting, racing vortex. And somehow it has also continued in an apparently linear fashion. And senior year came and went – and now we are weeks from her leaving for College.

As many parents, I’m simultaneously elated for her future, and pretending she’s not leaving. We will be taking a few weeks this summer for a trip – last as a family all living together.

Little joined a school last year that has been everything she’s needed, and she’s been thriving. I’ve missed having her home, and I took a job that was very demanding – which meant that my free time was scarce. I realized given the huge stage of life changes both girls are in, that I needed to prioritize time with them. The job wasn’t as much of a fit as I had hoped. Meaning, I’m now taking some space to figure out what I want “post-pandemic” and how best to balance my family and career life.

As always, I plan to update frequently, so see you in two years. 🙂


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