We recently adopted a black cat. On purpose. I once read on the Animal Humane Society’s site or an article they sent to their mailing list, that the animals that are usually last to get adopted are the black dogs and cats.

With that in mind, when we were looking to adopt a new cat, we were specifically looking for a black one. We also needed someone pretty young as we would be bringing her home to a 12 year old cat. We found her! She was very timid when she first came home, having lived in some very dubious places in her 4 months so far. Continue reading

The D Word

The smallest one in our home, aka Little, has been on a reading journey. Big began reading around age four. I’m not totally sure when exactly happened, as it seemed to burst forth from nowhere, one day she could read. Boom.

Six years later we are starting the journey again. Except the younger child seems to have no really interest in reading. Sure, no problem. Four is young to start, no worries. We get through kindergarten, nope. 1st grade, nope – which to be fair, is super normal in Waldorf Schools. Her teachers were fairly casual, but would mention it at conferences or check ins. We did some work in “extra lesson” (more about that later). We began to hear things like she favors one side of her paper, she’s not remembering words we practice at school. She writes her d’s and b’s and 2’s and 5’s backwards. On and on. Continue reading

Creative Endeavors

fullsizeoutput_5516.jpegOne of the best things that came out of our move was my eldest daughter began a business, and here is her Etsy. She’s been hand lettering cards and posters for awhile, but last August she decided to make things in a more formal way. She has been selling in a few boutiques locally where we live, and will be participating in some of the local Farmers Markets through this summer.

My younger child has really taken to crocheting and knitting and has been making things for us, hats, flute cases, a backpack! It’s been really incredible to see her work. My brain needs a pattern and for someone to show me how it’s done. She can just invent shapes and make them fly off her needles.

I’m hoping to begin painting again this summer. When I tell myself I have more time. What is your favorite creative outlet?


A New Hope – and Reality

We moved to the pacific northwest almost 11 months ago. Many things drove the move, but the single largest factor was my children. My eldest was graduating 8thgrade at a school that only went to 8thgrade. She and our family had really struggled to find an education system that felt safe, academically challenging, arts focused and seemed to really understand where my child was developmentally. My younger was struggling a bit at school, we are still getting our arms around her specific learning needs.  We looked at a few options nationally and decided on a school in the Northwest. My husband loves being close to mountains, I like being driving distance to an ocean, even one that is not friendly. Continue reading