I’ve always love the ocean, but as a midwestern girl, it was always a once in a while treat, coinciding with a vacation or visit to relatives.
Now that we live close enough for a day trip, I’ve been able to visit much more frequently. We recently took a week and ventured to the ocean.

There is something so soul nourishing being this close to such a large body of water. I’ve also realized, while trying to carefully plan my curriculum and weeks to implement;  that a break – one with oceans and forest involved – goes a long way towards my learning goals for both children. It’s very similar to the ideals that brought me to Waldorf education in the first place. The ability for the experiential learning, the unplanned, happy accidents, small tragedies and ability to see themselves in nature. They are also simultaneously experiencing the awe of the magnitude of this planet.

I’m re-learning to let go. Relax more, structure the unstructured time more, allow for mistakes in myself to model for both girls. The content is important and useful, but more the ability to learn and integrate the material in their own way, at their own pace and in as much or as little depth as they need has been a breathtaking lesson for me. It’s things I would parrot to others in the past, but hadn’t actually witnessed in this way. It’s humbling, moving and inspiring. All it took was a few days at the ocean.

Wishing you a Happy New Year!