More on Change

I realized after publishing the last post, I realized I have more to say about change. Many folks I have spoken to talk about the phases of a relocation – or phases of change. As with any period of transition, there are great moments, and moments of, “oh crap, why did we do this again?” and I had a really hard day earlier this month when I felt completely overwhelmed and started to really doubt that I had made the right choice for our family by moving so far. ¬†It has prompted me to really consider¬†what “home” means. Continue reading


I realize as it has been a while since I have been updating on a very regular basis here, and that many things have changed from the previous posts. For one, we no longer live in Minnesota. That was a hard decision in many ways, and then finally, very simple. It took the better part of two years for us to actually accomplish it, with hours and days and months of planning. As I mentioned in the previous post, while there were many factors in the decision to move, the focal one for me was schooling. This is likely what’s also bringing me back to this blog. Continue reading