The More Things Change…

When I started this blog 8 years or so ago, I was homeschooling while looking for a strong schooling curriculum to meet the needs of my two very smart, but very different daughters. Due to the global pandemic, we are back to homeschooling. This has been quite a transition, and a heartbreak to move away from our Waldorf School community, at last in a formal way for now.

The last time we homeschooled I had chosen it for our family, and was doing it with the assistance of an online program and teacher support. This time it’s been for necessity. It’s been a bigger transition, as we weren’t unhappy with our current situation, so this has taken awhile to adjust.

We found an incredible curriculum (more on that in an upcoming post) and we have managed to take most of the living space in the house to make work spaces and learning spaces for both girls, my husband who works from home and for me for when I can squeeze in some client work and writing. So far so good, but looking back on our journey, there is a certain irony to the way we’ve come full circle.


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