Work has been crazy the last few weeks, which means I’ve felt a little disjointed about school. Thankfully, my daughter has been pretty good about staying on track, aside from one very painful day of negotiations. Aside from that we’ve had a few days that were a bit chaotic, but overall we’ve gotten our work done and usually in a fairly timely fashion. I seriously admire all home school parents who get anything done between about November 15th- January 1. 21691_10152307034770599_1508096246_n

Along with trouble focusing and staying motivated during the holiday season, my kids also seem to pick up on all the latent energy out in the world, both good and bad. I’ve noticed that my youngest seems irritated easier, and last weekend she completely boycotted her holiday concert. I still thought she was adorable, but singing, she was not.  For my older daughter the symptoms seem to manifest themselves in the form of being overly tired all the time, acting squirrely or feeling wound up.

What are your secrets for keeping your kids motivated through the holidays, and helping them stay calm?