Gratitude Season

In a typical year this is when I really start to feel the fall slipping in to winter, the festivities of our communities, our schools, our friends and family. This year of course is very different, but I’ve decided it’s important for the sake of family harmony to continue the traditions.

I do think routinely pausing and considering what we are grateful for is an important practice and it’s something I attempt to bring to the children frequently. Even though we are home this year, there is still much to appreciate. We have chosen to keep my parents in our bubble, we’ve stayed home and when that wasn’t possible we’ve taken precautions and worn masks. (No, this isn’t the place for a mask debate.)

Schooling has now settled in to a stable rhythm. Little and I have a solid routine, and big, who is now a high schooler is quite self sufficient and seems to be soaking up her course materials with a drive and passion that I haven’t seen for a bit. Since there is no “homework” she’s been able to better balance her time, and spend afternoons or evenings with our family or socializing online with friends. While I certainly wouldn’t have chosen this high school experience for her, I do think she’s the poster child for making the best of it.

On the hard days I do still consider how they will be effected by this long term. How their mental health has suffered in this last 9 months. We are fortunate that the curriculum through an incredible school we found has been a godsend for our family, but the sheer loss and change of the last few months is bound to have a long-lasting impact.

But we know, and consider frequently that we are ok, fortunate even. We have a safe home, we have access to food, supplies, curriculum, technology when needed. We have supportive, loving family and we have each other. Sometimes that’s enough. Wishing you love and peace during this Thanksgiving week, and always.


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