Five Things I love about Online School


  1. Flexibility – My days are never predictable, as much as I strive for a routine, it’s not usually completely consistent, and it’s great to be able to take spelling lessons on the go, or double up on a science lesson if needed. Or when it’s too busy for school, being able to skip something in that moment, or even that day, and loop back at a more convenient time.
  2. Quality Time– I’m very lucky that I have a kid that loves learning and is very self motivated, which means most of the time we spend together in school is positive time learning, and bonding. Every once in a while we’ll hit a snag, but so far we’ve been really able to problem solve through them, or decide to put the lesson down and come back to it when we aren’t feeling so frustrated.
  3. Moving at Our Own Pace – This is similar to the flexibility piece, but more about the academics. GM loves math, and has been encouraged by her teacher to do as much math as she wants. Not of course at the expense of her other classes, which is why I’m around to make sure we’ve moving forward in all subjects, not just our favorites. It’s wonderful to see her feel empowered to take control of her education and move at her pace instead of constantly idling, waiting for others to catch up.
  4. Integrated Curriculum – I love that while she’s learning about the renaissance in history, she’s studying the work of Michelangelo in Art and in literature she’s reading some of the classics about similar time periods. Excellent! And a wonderful way to reinforce knowledge in many contexts.
  5. Simplicity – She wakes up every morning and begins her school work. There is no politics at school, no hoops to jump through, we just boiled down the essence of what school should be, a place to learn. In doing so my child is finally thriving and learning.

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