I’ve realized that I’m terrible at divorcing my core values and philosophies from finding a good school. I hate the fact that the system seems to be set up so that I’m competing with my neighbors and community to get MY kid in the best school instead of figuring out a way to bring my community a functioning, thriving school that welcomes everyone. 

MinnCan puts in stark perspective not only the huge inequities, but truly the unfairness with which our system appears to be operating in, and it really troubles me. As a mother, I am of course concerned that I get MY child in to a good school, where she will thrive, but I’m also really disturbed by reading how many schools have failing report cards. Not poor, FAILING. 

No joke, this is keeping me up at night. 

What’s a mom to do?

 School officials, please feel free to weigh in, I’m not here to condemn, or throw stones, I’m actually asking, how can I, and other parents and concerned community members, help make our schools function better?