The School hunt continues, while we are also completely immersed in 2nd semester work for online school.  GM* is starting her first official report, in which she chooses a topic, in this case an animal, to write about. She’s chosen Dolphins as her topic, so we’ll need to slot in some library time this week to research them.

Sure, I could use Wikipedia, but I want her to learn the skill of actually having to go look something up and using reference texts. Granted, the bar for this research paper is age appropriate so she’s really only writing 3-5 paragraphs on her topic, yet I remember that I loved these papers as a child and often wrote much more than that.

On the school hunt side, I’ve more or less gotten all the applications in, for private schools, a few districts that we’re open enrolling in, and then specific charters, if they have a separate enrollment process.  I’ve actually applied open enrollment to one district three times, since I have changed my mind so many times about what my 1st and 2nd choices are. The very nice woman at the student placement center assured me that this is quite common, and they’ll take the last date marked on as THE ONE, and disregard the rest.

We’re coming in to the ‘hurry up and wait’ portion of the application process. I’ve gotten most of the schools most of the paperwork they’ll need for her application. Now we wait, while they go through all the paperwork and start making decisions.  We start to hear about those in late March to early April.


*She’s known as #genuismiwa on twitter, so I’ve decided GM a suitable blog identity for her.