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This week kicked my butt. I had a two-day conference for work, then got sick and lost my voice.

My 3rd grader was a trooper. She even came to work with me on the second day of the conference to help out. She totally rocked it! I should add she also got all her work done. I’m a proud, but tired momma. 

I’m especially impressed that even with the craziness of my schedule and illness, she stayed on top of her game, and powered through. Grandma and dad had a lot to do with that as well, but she’s really been the driving force keeping up with her work. I’m hoping my voice returns soon, and meanwhile we’re gonna lay low and relax.



I first encountered the term “self motivated” when in high school, when I moved from a private school to an “open school”.  At the open school we did not get grades, instead we had “validations”.  I thrived in that environment and loved having control and ownership over my work.  I hoped my daughter would be the same. Never did I dream she’d be so very disciplined and motivated. Especially for an eight year old.

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Online school has been a very interesting journey for me, and I  want to share my experiences with other families looking for options outside of traditional school learning models. It has also been very cathartic for me to write out my thoughts, processes and ideas.

Recently, when I told my parents what I had named this blog they laughed. Calm and composed have never been on the top list of adjectives used to sum up my personality. They are both things I strive for, which is why I named my blog this.  I’ve discovered however,  that this has been a much harder journey for me to transition to in effect home-schooling my child than it has for her. Continue reading