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Today we found out we got a sizable scholarship to a school we really want to go to, but money might have been an obstacle, which is a huge relief! I also got an unexpected contract at work, which means I feel a bit more solid about where the rest of the tuition money comes from, so in this moment, I am feeling very relaxed, happy and thankful! 

Tomorrow is day two of MCA testing for GM. Today went well and she felt really confident about her performance on the tests. It’s always such a great feeling to know you’re acing a test. I still remember that from elementary school. 

Also, the sun was out for most of today which melted most of the snow finally. While there are predictions from snow later this week, today was truly the first day that I could really fell spring coming in Minnesota.

All in all a wonderful day.



Hi fellow home school moms (or maybe I should say parents!) I need your help. I’ve got a great curriculum that is working for my 8 year old through, but I’m looking for something for my 2.5 year old. Any suggestions?