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Things have been moving along. We’ve gotten back the results of two of the lotteries we’re in. She’s in 82nd place for one and 32nd for the other. With class sizes averaging about 18-25 I’m not really hopeful about either of those options. However, we’ll still hang out on the list. Continue reading


All the applications were due between January 31 and February 15th, and most of the financial aid deadlines are due then as well, so for the most part now we are in a waiting game. We expect to start hearing from schools in mid-March to early April.

Meanwhile back on the home front, GM has worked her tail off in online school. She keeps telling me that she loves online school and still has no desire to move, however, if we did move, she has a ranked order of schools, based on a 1-10 scaled rating and a more in-depth analysis. That in itself has been a useful skill for her to learn.

Not much else to report at this moment. It’s actually been a lovely, calm week. More as it develops.