Life with Kids at a Waldorf School

Decisions, Decisions

Last week we heard back from almost all the schools we’ve applied to. With the exception of one she was accepted to all, which was exciting. Now it comes down to financial aid. I really hoped it wouldn’t come down to that, however, I have realistic expectations about how much I can afford, and while we didn’t specifically start doing online school for the price tag (free) it certainly doesn’t hurt!

On that note, we haven’t completely given up on the idea of online school, in fact quite the opposite. GM actually completed her 3rd grade math for the year, so this week we’ve begun 4th grade math, and having that flexibility has been awesome.  Continue reading


Birthday’s and Art Supplies

Little’s 3rd birthday is this week, along with MCA state testing for GM and lots and lots of meetings for me.

This week looks scattered on paper, so I’m pretty sure that actually trying to get everything done is going to be a challenge, however at least this week I can see it coming. Last week, the chaos crept up on me and took me totally by surprise.

Image Continue reading

Charter Schools

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that I’m a big supporter of public schools, and charter schools IF THEY WORK. Currently in my state many charter schools test scores fall well below the other district schools and those other schools for the most part aren’t posting very impressive scores. Minnesota is now 2nd worst in the country with the achievement gap, and while there seems to be a lot of talk about solutions, I’m not seeing a lot of effective change, in the public awareness, or the schools ability to drive change and start closing these gaps.  Continue reading

Spring Break

601430_10152625348510599_1095410600_nEnd of the 3rd quarter today and now it’s spring break, although with still a foot of snow on the ground and the high only in the upper 30’s spring still feels a ways off yet.

Work has gotten very busy lately, so I’m thankful that my mother has been around to lend a helping hand on the days when client meetings keep me busy, and GM has gotten in to a schedule that allows me some flexibility in scheduling. I do still have to remind her on occasion to refer back to her daily plan when she us unsure of what to do next. I’m considering actually creating a daily time chart, however, I’ve struggled in the past with managing that as sometimes an art lesson takes 35 minutes and sometimes it takes an hour and a half. I worry that if I create time limits on things it may create an artificial pressure to complete tasks when it isn’t needed. Continue reading

Perfection, Waldorf and Us

As of now, we have been accepted to BOTH Waldorf schools in our area. I like them both a lot for a variety of reasons, we still need to weigh the feasibility and a few other concerns. I’ll hear back from the lion’s share of the other schools in the first week of April, so I need to continue to keep an open mind moving forward. It is really exciting to know that we’ve been accepted somewhere however, I’m also continuing not to rule out online school, and in fact other homeschool options. I have a close friend who will be homeschooling her children, and while they are quite a bit younger, the age of my younger preschooler, they get a long very well with my children and we may be able to figure out a way to “share” in the homeschooling responsibilities. Continue reading

Waiting out Winter

Mid-March, it’s snowing constantly, we’re under a weather advisory, as it’s going to be 20 degrees below zero wind-chill for the next 24-36 hours and I’m itching for spring. The weatherman a few days ago reminded us that last year at this time, amidst a very unseasonably warm winter that we’d reached 80 degrees. I had to stop myself from yelling mean things at my radio.

Suffice it to say, I’m tired of waiting. I’m waiting for winter to be over, I’m waiting to hear from schools, and I’m waiting a lot at work. I’ve decided that this is a good opportunity to practice and improve my patience skills. At least that’s how I’m trying to spin it, as getting mad about things beyond my control is entirely useless, however, at times very tempting.


Status Report – March


Things have been moving along. We’ve gotten back the results of two of the lotteries we’re in. She’s in 82nd place for one and 32nd for the other. With class sizes averaging about 18-25 I’m not really hopeful about either of those options. However, we’ll still hang out on the list. Continue reading