Back to School

pDsbDsWYTuuhCt9oup8cOQHere we are, on day three – 4th and 10th grade. I’m simultaneously relieved to have more routine and structure to my days, (and hopefully and uptick in my productivity and running my business.) and sad that summer and our family times together are less now that we all are occupied during the day.

I’m trying to reinvent my business, I’ve launched in 2011, and it’s been a great and I’ve experienced organic growth, and until recently I had a steady consistent client base. Given that I moved the business across the country and am now serving a different area, the unique challenges of this space have needs have necessitated a reboot.

Both kiddos are looking forward to the routine, but are each working through different challenges and expectations of the year. I vividly remember my high school experiences, remember the social pressures and challenges and the exhaustion of stretching my brain to its limits. 10th grade has a very robust, rigorous curriculum, and already after the first day significant homework was assigned, including reading, interpreting and presenting on the U.S. Constitution. Wow.

4th grade the big news so far relates more to new playground boundaries, cross stitch learning, and continued work on reading – especially as a dyslexic child.

How did you first week go?


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