We recently adopted a black cat. On purpose. I once read on the Animal Humane Society’s site or an article they sent to their mailing list, that the animals that are usually last to get adopted are the black dogs and cats.

With that in mind, when we were looking to adopt a new cat, we were specifically looking for a black one. We also needed someone pretty young as we would be bringing her home to a 12 year old cat. We found her! She was very timid when she first came home, having lived in some very dubious places in her 4 months so far.



We first introduced her to one room in the house where she mostly hid, which is pretty normal. She and the resident cat would trade insults through the door.  We’ve had her 7 months and she’s acclimated to the other cat- looks up to her in face.  She’s blossomed in to a sweet, slightly strange cat. I realize all cats have their idiosyncrasies, so in that way, she’s completely in the range of normal.

The two habits I hope to modify are, chewing through computer cords – specifically laptop cords seems the most delicious. Secondly, she bird watches – and routinely runs headlong in to the glass door. Typically at four in the morning – waking me up, and causing me to be concerned that she’s going to concuss herself.

Whats new with you?



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