IMG_7214Big news in our home, we got a dog. Her name is Clara, she is approximately 7 years old, and she’s adorable. She’s currently snoring next to me as I write this. She’s the sweetest most loving pup, and she’s been a joy to own. She’s befriended the cats which is no small feat. Well, befriended may be overstated, but they are tolerating each other without any fuss. In fact I did catch my male orange cat eating her food after pushing her out of the way. IMG_7302 IMG_7372In researching where her rabies vaccine was last given, I was put in touch with the shelter in Indiana who’d had her for two and a half years, they had rescued her from certain death at another facility in Oklahoma, which is where she was originally surrendered. IMG_7395She’s been very snuggly, and doesn’t quite seem to believe her luck at living with us yet, and so has been staying pretty close to my hip. I don’t blame her. She seems to have had an allergic reaction to something in her environment (possibly food so the fabulous folks at Sojo’s are helping us get her diet regulated.)  I’m sure I will be continually updating on her continued status and acclimation to our home.