Horaay! We’ve made it. We are back. Big in 5th grade and Little has begun her first of two years in Kindergarten at Waldorf. This means that both children are in the same school! Yippie! For mom’s sanity this has been amazing. I have managed to arrange my schedule with clients to accommodate an earlier pick up time for both girls than  we had last year, and that’s been wonderful to spend more time with them before the dinner to bedtime slide.

Michaelmas is coming up this week, and the children are getting ready for the celebration. This year has been the easiest school year we’ve had yet, and I’m so thankful to have found a school that has nurtured both my children. The lack of stress and tears has been lovely and very easy to get used, and it feels like we established a rhythm earlier this year than last, and that has gone a long way to alleviating stress and anxiety for both the children and my husband and I.

More updates soon.