Crud, I had so much more stuff I was hoping to get done, and here we are, last two days of the school year. Of course, my smartie pants finished her academic work up a few weeks early, so I’ve been “inventing” work these past few weeks. (When we weren’t on vacation.)

She’s got a few pen pals now, she’s working through her 4th grade math book, and I believe she plans to finish that by the end of summer. Not that I’m gonna even try to stop her. 

ImagePlus we have the fun task of learning and attempting to gain a decent amount of proficiency in the cello for the next school year.

I had really considered moving my younger daughter to Waldorf too, but she’s really thriving in her Montessori program, and they frankly keep her longer during the afternoon, which works better with our current schedule.

In other news, we just bought GM a new bike. It’s beautiful and she’s really excited to ride it, once it stops raining here.

That’s all on the home front for now.

Peace and Love,