Last week we heard back from almost all the schools we’ve applied to. With the exception of one she was accepted to all, which was exciting. Now it comes down to financial aid. I really hoped it wouldn’t come down to that, however, I have realistic expectations about how much I can afford, and while we didn’t specifically start doing online school for the price tag (free) it certainly doesn’t hurt!

On that note, we haven’t completely given up on the idea of online school, in fact quite the opposite. GM actually completed her 3rd grade math for the year, so this week we’ve begun 4th grade math, and having that flexibility has been awesome. 

I’ve been waiting a bit for the right option to become apparent, and we have moved forward with enrollment with a couple schools, with clear understanding of when we need to make decisions. In two cases, we could probably make a go of it, even without tuition assistance. I may not take a vacation as long as she’s there, but for me that’s a worthwhile sacrifice. However, a few of the other Private schools (with a capital P) are just beyond our financial means, so we wait to see if they can become affordable with scholarships.

I realize that any option we choose with not be a full, perfect solution, so we also continue to explore options. Last week GM told me she’s like to take cello lessons. I’m all for it, once I figure out all the other moving pieces.

It is a relief to know what the options are!