Birthday’s and Art Supplies

Little’s 3rd birthday is this week, along with MCA state testing for GM and lots and lots of meetings for me.

This week looks scattered on paper, so I’m pretty sure that actually trying to get everything done is going to be a challenge, however at least this week I can see it coming. Last week, the chaos crept up on me and took me totally by surprise.


I asked my little one what she thinks she might do for her birthday, short of actually planning a party, since I’m not sure I have the stamina to take on a bunch of 3 year olds for more than 15 minutes. (God love my daycare providers, they are saints!)

She told me unequivocally that we would be going to the Zoo, and maybe we should get dim sum beforehand. I actually see no flaws in this plan, so it has been set. I then went on to ask her what she’d like as a gift, and she told me that she needs some new paints, and time to be allowed to paint. Again, she’s not wrong, so my goal for this week is to get her some new paints and paper, and the time to use them.

I expect that as soon as it stops snowing here (Snow is in the for later this week, and on her birthday.) that then her wish list will also include more outdoor toys and activities. I know mine will.

I hope it is sunny where you are.


ps. It should be noted that Little is the queen of the stink-eye, as demonstrated above.

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