601430_10152625348510599_1095410600_nEnd of the 3rd quarter today and now it’s spring break, although with still a foot of snow on the ground and the high only in the upper 30’s spring still feels a ways off yet.

Work has gotten very busy lately, so I’m thankful that my mother has been around to lend a helping hand on the days when client meetings keep me busy, and GM has gotten in to a schedule that allows me some flexibility in scheduling. I do still have to remind her on occasion to refer back to her daily plan when she us unsure of what to do next. I’m considering actually creating a daily time chart, however, I’ve struggled in the past with managing that as sometimes an art lesson takes 35 minutes and sometimes it takes an hour and a half. I worry that if I create time limits on things it may create an artificial pressure to complete tasks when it isn’t needed.

For those of you who home school, how do you structure your day? How do you accommodate the days when everything just seems to take longer, or derail? Does it matter?

I’ve found that some days we seem to have goofy days and I worry about falling behind (In MNVA there are benchmarks for progress, which is different from other traditional home school models, since it’s a public school there is also a time requirement daily to fulfill.) but that usually the next day or two we easily make up the gap.

I’m also told by many of my homeschooling friends that the first year is the hardest, as the steepest learning curve for both parents, or learning coaches and the student. I can already see how much easier next year will be if we choose to stay with the program, which is still under consideration.

Happy Spring Break!