Things have been moving along. We’ve gotten back the results of two of the lotteries we’re in. She’s in 82nd place for one and 32nd for the other. With class sizes averaging about 18-25 I’m not really hopeful about either of those options. However, we’ll still hang out on the list.


While it’s unlikely that the entire 4th grade class of a particular school will not show up the following year. I do know that others in front of us on the waiting list may choose other options, thereby freeing up their spots. I knew of a friend who got her daughter in to school after the first week of the year, and they had been a good deal down the list.


We have our last school visit this week, and we’ve been accepted to one school that is currently GM’s first choice, we are still waiting to hear about the financial piece.


The other three schools that I am waiting to hear from, again, will get in touch starting in early April.


I feel like I have thought myself in to a tizzy. I have a really hard time paying for private school, not only on principal, but  also in actuality.  In lieu of actually knowing anything, I’ve tried to relax until I actually have the information to react to, something that as a Type A personality is a conscious effort.


This whole process also gets my blood boiling about how hard I’ve had to work to find an acceptable school for my child, and I realize that I’m not the only one, not by a long shot.  This entire process has really caused me to reevaluate my volunteer time and re-prioritize and in doing so I’ve taken on some new volunteer projects that work on our schooling system/children. More about that soon.