As I mentioned in the last post we’ve embarked on a search to see what else is out there in education land. We’ve applied to many pretty much all the secular private schools in our immediate area and while most are more a year than my freshman college year, I’m determined to apply for financial aid, and press on.

We have visited two we renowned schools, and have two more visits in as many weeks. I’ve asked my daughter to write up her visits afterward, so we can keep them clear, and since she and I tend to both be analytical in our decision making process, I know there is a fair amount of emotional consideration as well.

Let me be very clear. We love online school. There is absolutely nothing that my daughter doesn’t like about it. My only hesitation is my lack of facilitating enough social interactions with her peers, and I’m not able to replicate certain experiences that students in a school building have.

One of the schools we visited recently had a buddy program, so in 4th grade she would be paired up with a 1st grade buddy. This teaches value in community building and fostering mentorships. I love that the school values this and I’m not sure that would be something I could replicate at home.

As my previous post mentioned, we are very much in search mode right now, with many more questions than answers at the moment, but it has been a very informative process.