Excuse us for the long absence. We’ve had a lot going on, and a lot more to think about. I’m beginning to feel that maybe homeschooling isn’t for us. I love the idea of homeschooling, I love her curriculum, I love seeing her passion and knowing that she’s truly understanding and grasping concepts.

However, as a realistic parent, I can tell that working full-time from home and trying to do school with her full-time is not a sustainable model, for either of us.

We have been very fortunate that grandma has been there to lend a helping hand, but I’m not sure that I’m able to facilitate enough of the peer interactions that my daughter craves.

Now, I’ve been told by plenty of home schooling parents, that the first year is the hardest, and that after you get in to a rhythm it gets better and better, and while  I see the validity of that argument, I also realize that my life and career aren’t going to ever be in a steady rhythm. I also see my daughter looking for opportunities beyond what I’m able to facilitate, and so I’ve been taking a really long, hard look at my options.

The way I see it, we have three decent options;

  1. We stay with the online school program
  2. We find a decent charter school
  3. We look seriously at private schools (and try our luck with financial aid, or this option is much less realistic)

Currently we are looking in to all these options and more, but I’m feeling a little at a loss as to what would be the option for my “gifted” kid. Now that she’s gotten that label from the districts, I’ve had an even more challenging time talking to people about school options.

For now, I have more questions than answers, but as with anything in life, I’m looking in to all the options and trust that the right answer  for us will present itself.