Have you ever thought about starting a Charter School? I’ve been giving it some serious thought.

Yes. some very serious thought.

I do after all live in Minnesota, the birth place of Charter Schools in the country.

I love the online curriculum, but I just keep thinking to myself, I CANNOT be the only mother who is disappointed in the current local schooling options for my child. Yes, Minnesota has many, many private school options, but frankly, with a child in full-time daycare, I’m not able to afford private school tuition as well. Minnesota also has many charter schools in existence, but very few with a focus on gifted children, truly gifted, not just accelerated. 

I keep kicking the idea around, but I am not a school administrator, and in fact I’ll be the first to admit, I have no idea how to run a school. I do however, know what it takes to motivate kids to learn. I do have a deep passion for education and I want to see every child succeed. I don’t by any means think that’s enough, but I do find myself wondering if it doesn’t warrant some additional research.

If you’ve started/worked in/know of a successful charter school I’d love your input!