A Duh Moment

When I started in the online school program it took me about a week to realize that I was home schooling. Granted I have all the curriculum laid out for me, and a teacher to keep us on track and provide oversight. In effect, however, my daughter was home with me every day = Home school.

At first I sort of rejected the title of “home schooling” mostly based on my own stigma’s about labeling myself a “home schooling mom.” Those stigma’s has largely proved false, and I’m excited to learn about all the parents who are choosing to home school their children. I’m also totally blown away by the amazing curriculum that is available for home schooling parents.

Now I embrace being a part of group of parents that are taking charge of their child’s education. I respect that, and for me I NEEDED to know my daughter was being challenged, and she was just begging to learn.

I would love to hear your favorite curriculum programs for home schooling.


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