I first encountered the term “self motivated” when in high school, when I moved from a private school to an “open school”.  At the open school we did not get grades, instead we had “validations”.  I thrived in that environment and loved having control and ownership over my work.  I hoped my daughter would be the same. Never did I dream she’d be so very disciplined and motivated. Especially for an eight year old.

Our first day of online school she actually threw me for a loop because she (on her own) opened and completed 4 math lessons before I even realized she was awake.  (I panicked thinking that would be a typical daily course load, which thankfully it isn’t.)

She has continued to keep the energy and passion for learning and is teaching herself how to manage her time, prioritize her work, and learn when she has to triage. These are all skills I know I didn’t have when I was 8 (maybe not even 18).

We are now nearly through the first quarter I’ve noticed she seems to show more motivation to do her work now than at the beginning of the year.  It has made me giddy to watch her mature and hone these types of skills, especially since I know they will serve her well throughout her life.

I assume at some point we’ll peak, and I also know some days it can be hard to be motivated, but for now, I’m just enjoying the wave of pure excitement she’s riding about learning. I had almost forgotten how fun it can be to learn.