As I’ve touched on in other posts, one of the main things I was seeing happen to my child in the public school system was a loss of self-esteem. I’m not entirely sure where it stemmed from, probably many things, but one thing I am sure of was that I didn’t like watching what had once been a very confident child, begin to doubt herself and feel badly about herself.

When we began this year in school and I laid out for her all her curriculum, she commented to me that she wasn’t good at science or history. I asked her why she thought that, because from all I could tell she’d not had any really formal lessons in history at all and her science curriculum thus far seemed to have left much to be desired.

We have now completed the first three units of science, which included a unit on meteorology, what makes a mammal, reptile, etc and she’s currently studying biomes. She’s mastering all the course materials and is building a passion for science in a way that  I could never have dreamed was possible.

It is almost the same story in history, She’s learning about hot to read map and atlases, the Middle Ages, Ancient Rome, the Renaissance and did a quick study of some big names of those times, including Ciceros, Virgil, Homer and Dante’s Divine Comedy. She has since decided to be Beatrice for Halloween. Below is her depiction of The Divine Comedy.

It has been so inspirational to watch her grow, not only academically, but see it in her maturity and confidence. She’s a totally different kid than the kid who hated school for the past three years. I really have no idea what we would have done without online school.