Online school has been a very interesting journey for me, and I  want to share my experiences with other families looking for options outside of traditional school learning models. It has also been very cathartic for me to write out my thoughts, processes and ideas.

Recently, when I told my parents what I had named this blog they laughed. Calm and composed have never been on the top list of adjectives used to sum up my personality. They are both things I strive for, which is why I named my blog this.  I’ve discovered however,  that this has been a much harder journey for me to transition to in effect home-schooling my child than it has for her.

From nearly day one she’s been in love with online school. It was me who it took about two weeks to realize that it was in effect homeschooling, even though I had the support of a teacher, and my curriculum all mapped out for me. She was still at home with me all day. I realized that all my best laid plans for working from home full-time were really swell, in theory.

Most days for us have been good, and I don’t think we’ve had a day yet that wasn’t productive. The challenge for me has been how to balance her time, my time and our time. School is about 30 hours a week and my job is at least 40. Now, some of that time overlaps as I get her going on a reading project or art, but there have been many more interruptions for both of us.

I keep reminding myself that it’s all about creating an effective balance, but some days that goes right out the window as we are working toward a deadline, both hers and mine.

I have found that every week gets a little more refined and a bit more organized. Also, it’s helped me enormously to have a peer group of other mothers who assure me this is all a normal part of the continuum.