As I stated in my first post we’d gone through quite a few options trying to find a schooling situation that was productive and enjoyable for my daughter. Frankly, I would have settled even for not enjoyable, just as long as I could see progress in her learning. To be fair, it wasn’t that she didn’t learn anything in K-2nd, but it wasn’t as academically rigorous as I had hoped, and she seemed to pick up as many bad habits and self-esteem issues as she did new concepts.

I began running the gamut of options. I looked in to private schools, I looked in to Montessori programs, as she had been very successful in preschool in a Montessori program, I looked at Waldorf schools and then, one day, when I wasn’t looking, I saw a commercial on TV for online school.

I remember the commercial, since I was at first only sort of paying attention, then I found myself paying closer attention as it promised individualized curriculum and help for gifted students.

So, I made a phone call to K12. I was pretty skeptical, given that my preconceived notions of online school were, 1st that it was typically more successful for high school and college and 2nd that these programs were probably set up more for rural kids with fewer options than our family.

I pitched the idea to my daughter, prefacing it with lots of caveats, and full expected her to soundly reject it as soon as I got to the point where I explained she wouldn’t get to see her school friends every day. What happened instead was she got very quiet for a moment, lost in thought, then looked at me and said “Will I get to learn?”

That was a profound moment for me. To look at my child and realize that she was so driven to learn that she would give up her social life at school so that she could actually learn.

We ended up enrolling and started this fall.